a cool question

2008-12-07 08:41:07 by Zachary897

how do you make games to put on NG


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2008-12-07 08:52:01

You need flash, but don't think you can simply pop out a great game in a couple of hours. You have to spend months of learning the actionscript, playing around with the flash interface, and all that. Oh, and you have to be 13 to be on Newgrounds.

(Updated ) Zachary897 responds:

I have flash cause i just posted my first sprite movie
screw that i used liveswif lite 2.1


2008-12-07 08:55:51

You need flash, with it you can make tons of animations, just don't be like most spammers here and attempt to submit a penis spinning around then cheat your flash past submission.

(Updated ) Zachary897 responds:

OK i really didn't understand that but i have fliveswif lite 2.1